Students often use Up Learn courses for different exam boards. This is because it's still possible to get a huge benefit from Up Learn even if you're on a different exam board. Here's how:

If you're on a different exam board, you need to download a copy of the specification from your exam board's website, and turn it into a checklist. The specification has a detailed list of all the concepts that you need to know for your exam with that exam board. You should put an empty checkbox next to every concept on the specification, and as you work your way through the Up Learn course, tick off each checkbox as you cover the concept. 

Because the Up Learn course is not for your exam board, you may find some of the checkboxes are still left 'unticked' at the end of it. For these concepts, you need to use textbooks or other resources to study them yourself. 

Additionally, instead of doing the practice exam papers on Up Learn, you need to find past papers for your exam board and practice using these. 

Because we cannot be sure of the quality of content you use to cover the material outside of Up Learn, if you take an Up Learn course for a different exam board to the one you are on you are not eligible to the A*/A money-back guarantee

If you use Up Learn in this way, you can still get yourself to an A*/A grade in your subject, despite using a course for a different exam board. You'll have to decide whether you're comfortable using Up Learn this way, which you can do during the free trial! 

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