The best way to get started on Up Learn is to:

  1. Complete your first lesson by clicking ‘Begin Up Learn session’ OR

  2. Scroll through the ‘Course Overview’ page to pick a topic you want to work on.

During your trial, you have access to all the content and tutor support, along with 1 practice paper attempt. 

We measure effort using XP. Setting yourself a daily XP target will help you manage your time when studying. 100XP translates to approximately 1 hour on Up Learn. We recommend you use us as much as you can during your trial.

If you opt for an Up Master subscription, you’ll have  access to the extra tutor support and the opportunity to get 2 papers professionally marked, giving you the feedback you need to excel! 

Check out our course tour videos to see what's on offer:

Edexcel Maths

OCR Maths

AQA Maths

CIE Maths

OCR Physics

Edexcel Economics

AQA Economics

AQA Psychology

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