Of course!

Our year 13 students can purchase access until exams of this academic year, and they will have access to all the content from years 12 and 13.

We include all the year 12 content for free so that you can recap anything that is a little rusty, or if you're starting from scratch then you've got all the content necessary for the full A Level.

If you've signed up in year 12, you'll only have access to year 12 content but you can ask us to add year 13 content at anytime at no extra cost.

Different students want access to year 13 at different times across either year so to avoid disruptions to learning, we never added year 13 content until a student asks for it. Simply message us via the green chat button located towards the bottom right of our website and we'll action that right away.

Please note that you'll still need to ask us for year 13 content even if you've completed year 12, renewed your subscription or have purchased a plan for both years.

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