Current available courses are:

Economics - Edexcel, AQA

Physics - OCR A, AQA

Psychology - AQA

Maths - Edexcel, AQA, OCR A, Cambridge International

Chemistry - AQA, OCR A

Biology - AQA [Exam Pack only]

We are actively developing:

Geography - exam board tbc

History - exam board tbc

And more...

Up Learn courses cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, and many months or even years to develop. Huge teams of experts work together to produce thousands of videos, quizzes, and learning materials and design the optimal learning experience that can guarantee any student an A*/A grade upon completion. All of this takes a lot of time and resource organisation, so unfortunately we can't yet just produce new courses overnight!


We cannot give a hard/fixed date of exactly when your course will be ready. 

However, if you click on each of your subjects on our "choose subject" page you will be automatically notified via email when any course for your subject is about to become available.

If the course you need isn't available right now, we do not recommend waiting for / relying on Up Learn for your learning this school year. We can't provide any guarantee about when a course will be available, and so it's best if you plan your learning and revision without Up Learn in case it doesn't become available in time.

If you are struggling to revise effectively, we highly recommend reading through the Up Learn blog articles. These have been written to help students learn more effectively outside of Up Learn, and are completely free to use.

We also recommend checking out our free Exam Success Secrets guide, written by our founders on how they scored A*s at A Level. 

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