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Making the most of Up Learn
How long will it take me to complete the course?
How long will it take me to complete the course?

How much time should I spend on Up Learn?

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Starting as early as possible in the year will always be the best thing to do.

It means you can master the content ASAP and make your exam preparation period much more stress-free than last-minute cramming 😎 BUT using the course for any amount of time could be the difference between hitting that next grade boundary or not! Even just a week of study on Up Learn can really improve your knowledge and exam technique.

The Up Learn courses take slightly different amounts of time to complete depending on which subject you are studying. We recommend around 6-10 hours per week, per subject.

Consistently sticking to this routine means you can finish an entire A Level (both year 12 and 13 content!) in less than 16-25 weeks on Economics, Biology, Physics and Psychology and 35 weeks or less on courses such as Maths and Chemistry.

This assumes that you watch all the videos at regular speed, and don’t use any of the subsection quizzes or pre-video quizzes. Using these will speed up your progress significantly! Meaning you can expect to finish the course in a much shorter time period of around 8 weeks or less 🚀

While it’s great to complete the course, using Up Learn to brush up on topics and nail exam technique is still extremely beneficial. Up Learn is one of the most efficient revision methods for students with limited time, so jump over to your course homepage and make the most of the time between now and the exam 💪

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