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I don't attend a school - can I sign up for Up Learn?
I don't attend a school - can I sign up for Up Learn?

Yes you can!

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Up Learn is perfect for supporting you as you independently take your A-Levels or if you’ve never studied the subject before! 

For our Chemistry, Economics, Maths, Physics and Psychology courses, we cover everything on the spec through our exam technique lessons, model answers, progress quizzes and practice exam papers, Up Learn uses an algorithm to identify your weak spots and focus on those, until you’re achieving A* across every topic. 

In addition, Up Tutors are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about your subject so there’s no need to have prior knowledge or be studying the subject at school. 

Our Biology course is designed to support your studies, giving you a boost to reach A*/A with the least effort, in the shortest possible time. The course features the most challenging biology topics in detail with summary videos covering 100% of the specification. You may occasionally want to supplement your Up Learn biology studies with extra reading.

We are not currently a school or exam centre, meaning you can't take your exams with us.

However, you can try contacting your local exam centres (which are usually just schools or colleges) and see if they accept private candidates. If they do, you just pay and then they'll arrange everything for you.

Prices can vary between exam centres, so maybe shop around a bit first!

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