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How does Up Learn tutoring work?
How does Up Learn tutoring work?

How to get help from our tutors

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What is Up Learn tutoring?

We are extremely proud of our intelligent and fiercely passionate team of tutors. All achieved A*/As in their chosen subjects and went on to graduate from top universities across the UK and worldwide.

Our tutors are here to support you to achieve everything you’re looking to get out of our course and platform, whether it’s chasing that A* grade, moving from a D to a B or seeking last minute revision help before your exams 🙌

However, we don’t offer tutoring in the traditional sense.

We created Up Learn by using the latest research in cognitive science and it's our AI-powered courses that do the majority of the teaching. Our tutors are available over messenger 24/7 to support you until you fully master your subject.

Search for your topic to get started!

The Up Learn course is your first port of call for all your learning. Before you message a tutor, use the search bar to find and complete lessons on the topic you’re struggling with. This is the quickest way to fill your knowledge gaps.

If you message a tutor for help on a topic but you haven’t watched the video lesson yet, that’s the first thing we’ll ask you to do 💪

How do I message a tutor?

Our world-class content teaches you everything you need to know, but if you’re still not sure of something after completing it on Up Learn, here are some important tips on how to get the best help from our tutors in the fastest possible way:

  1. Click on the green chat icon on the bottom right of our website to open a conversation with us 💬

  2. A screenshot is super useful to capture the question so our tutor knows exactly what part of the course you are referring to

  3. Clarify exactly what you don’t understand so our tutor knows exactly what you’re struggling with

What can the Up Learn tutors help me with?

Our tutors can support with:

  • Questions on how the course works and how best to use it

  • Help finding what you’re looking for and directing you to the right topic

  • Quiz/exam questions you got wrong on Up Learn

  • Help on an Up Learn video you didn’t quite understand

  • Giving pointers on an essay/long answer question on Up Learn

  • General exam, essay, learning advice or study tips

  • Troubleshooting help on your device and browser

  • Suggestions or feedback on how to improve our course

Additionally, if you’re on our Up Master plan we also can support you with content that isn’t on Up Learn. For these sorts of questions, it’s so important to add tons of detail of what you’re struggling with (full questions and your attempted answers, clear screenshots, mark schemes where relevant) as we need the context in order to be able to help you effectively.

🚫 Tutors don’t deliver lessons, do or mark your work, grade papers or teach whole topics, on any subscription plan. That’s all taken care of on the Up Learn course 🙌

Response Times

Response times vary from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on how long it’ll take our tutor to look into your question and also how busy we are at the time. The more info you provide along with your question, the quicker we’ll be able to help 🙏

In order to avoid wasting valuable study time, we highly encourage you to work through other parts of the course while you wait for a tutor to get back to you. Even if you step away from your PC, our message will stay saved on your Up Learn account

and a copy will also reach you later by email 📧

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