Both Up Master and Up Core come with full unrestricted access to all content and features and the A*/A money back guarantee. Students that complete the Up Learn courses can expect to get top grades.

Both subscriptions have access to our online chat support. The Up Core plan offers basic support - you can ask a question about something in the Up Learn course.

Up Master offers a higher level of support - you can ask any questions related to the subject even on content outside the Up Learn course (such as class sheets, homework or exam papers from elsewhere).

Exam practice papers and mark schemes are included on ALL plans. With Up Master you also get TWO of these practice exam papers marked for you by an experienced examiner, giving you feedback and helping to improve your exam technique.

So to decide between the plans, consider whether you want the basic support with Up Core, the premium support offered on Up Master. All students can get an A*/A with any plan so it just depends on whether you would prefer to study the course a little more independently (choose Up Core!), or whether you would like the reassurance of marked exam papers and unlimited tutoring available to Up Master students (choose Up Master!).

Please note: when purchasing multiple subjects, you need to check out twice to add the second course to your account.

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