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What's the difference between Up Core and Up Master?
What's the difference between Up Core and Up Master?

Find out which support plan is best for you πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

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Up Master and Up Core provide different levels of support and features, whilst both guarantee you an A*/A in your exams. With access to the same course content, all you need to decide what level of support works best for you 🀠

What does an Up Master plan provide?

On top of full, unrestricted access to all your subject's content, our premium Up Master subscription comes with two extra support features.
After completing one of Up Learn's practice exam papers, you'll be able to submit it for marking by an experienced examiner. They will provide you with invaluable, detailed feedback that will refine your exam technique. You'll be able to do this TWICE at any time of your choosing, which means double the feedback πŸ”₯

Whether you're working through the Up Learn course or stuck on a bit of homework set by your teacher, our tutoring team will be able to help you with absolutely anything subject related. Just open up a chat and send a screenshot of what you're stuck on and our subject experts will prioritise getting back to you 😎

What does an Up Core plan provide?

Like Up Master, you'll have unlimited usage of our world class courses that guarantee an A*/A in your exams. Up Core packages also come with a basic support plan, where you can ask our tutors questions about something you see on the Up Learn course but won't be able to support you with any external work.

So to decide between the plans, consider whether you want the basic support with Up Core, the premium support offered on Up Master. All students can get an A*/A with any plan so it just depends on whether you would prefer to study the course a little more independently (choose Up Core!), or whether you would like the reassurance of marked exam papers and unlimited tutoring available to Up Master students (choose Up Master!)

How do I upgrade my subscription?

Please get in touch with our team via the chat function, who will be able to discuss upgrade options with you πŸ™Œ

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