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Do I need any additional resources?
Do I need any additional resources?

Is Up Learn everything I need to get an A* in my A Level(s)?

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Up Learn's Economics, Maths, Physics, Psychology and Chemistry courses contain everything you need to get an A or A* at A-Level. The course can be taken with no prior knowledge of the subject and has been developed closely with examiners from the exam board you select to ensure that the material is directly aligned with the boards’ specification. Our money-back guarantee applies to these courses.

Up Learn's AQA Biology course is designed to support your biology studies alongside school, giving you a boost to reach A*/A with the least effort, in the shortest possible time. The course features the most challenging biology topics in detail with summary videos covering 100% of the specification. Our money-back guarantee applies to this course. If you're a private candidate, you may occasionally want to supplement your Up Learn biology studies with extra reading.

As Up Learn is not an exam centre, if you are a private candidate you will need to organise to sit the exam yourself. Please contact your local exam centre for more information.

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