The short answer is no, but let me explain a little more about how and why Up Learn videos do not have subtitles.

We learn through two main channels, visual and auditory.

Auditory learning happens when we hear information. If two people speak to you at the same time the auditory channel is overloaded. Your brain isn't able to process the both sets of information at the same time. You will either end up listening to only one person, or not listening to either.

Another problem we come across is the split-attention effect. This is when the brain is trying to process visual information from too many sources, again making learning a longer and more laborious process.

We have found that our students learn best when a modality effect is created. The term modality effect can be used in a very broad sense, but here we use it to explain that presenting pictures and spoken text is more effective for learning than presenting the same pictures with written text.

Hearing what you are seeing simultaneously is almost like learning twice, because you're using both the cognitive channels.

That being said, we do understand that in specific situations subtitles are useful. We are working on the adding the functionality to our videos, but in the meantime you install a Google Chrome extension to add captions in real time.

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