As a parent, you can view a Course Overview as your child sees it, though you won’t be able to click into any of the topics to use Up Learn yourself.

Here are some tips on how to use your parent account:

  • You can view your child’s subjects and course modules on the main overview.

  • On this page, you can view what the course covers and how your child is doing in each topic by using the coloured progress bars next to each section. This gives you an indication of where the strengths (green bars) and weaknesses (red bars) currently lie, or even what they are yet to complete (grey bars). You can then use this information to encourage them to ‘Strengthen’ topics that appear weak or red.

  • You can view your child’s level and overall progress (Up Intelligence Score) as a percentage. This is the most important thing to keep an eye on as it shows you your child’s overall mastery and completion of the course. The closer they are to 90%, the closer they are to being A* ready!

When signing up you are asked to input your child's email address. This sends them and email to get them started on the free trial.

If your child has already started a trial, you can message us on the green chat button and we will manually link the two accounts together. At the moment it is only possible to be linked to one child account at a time. If you have an alternative email address you can set up a second parent account to monitor your second child's progress.

As well as being able to see their progress, you will also be able to make and manage payments from your account.

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