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"What I like about tutoring (I do a few different subjects): getting to be a part of each student's transformative journey as they master the subject"

Universities: University College London, King’s College London

Degrees: BSc Physics, MSc Physics

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry


"I enjoy tutoring Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Economics as I remember how it felt to struggle through certain topics and I had some great teachers/mentors who helped me. I want to pay that forward to the next batch of students so they can get the best possible grades."

University: University of Oxford

Degree: Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Subjects: Economics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology


" I love tutoring Maths because there are always multiple ways to approach a problem, and it is rewarding to help students apply these to solve a problem."

University: University College London

Degree: Arts and Sciences: Science and Engineering with Study Abroad

Subjects: Economics, Maths, Chemistry


"I love how positive and engaging the work environment is"

University: University of Sheffield

Degree: BSc Economics

Subjects: Economics, Maths


"The best thing about working at Up Learn is seeing students achieve their goals!"

Universities: University of Sheffield, University of York

Degrees: BSc Psychology, MRes Psychology, MA Social Research

Subjects: Psychology


"It helps fill the education gap, providing fantastic personalised tuition, with interactivity helping make learning fun!"

University: University of Nottingham

Degree: BSc Economics

Subjects: Economics, Maths


"I love tutoring physics because the more you understand it the more rewarding it becomes. This makes it a real pleasure to help students grapple with the difficult ideas it presents and gain a deeper understanding of them."

University: University of Colorado Boulder

Degree: Aerospace Engineering

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry


"I enjoy tutoring psychology because I love getting to see the student’s confidence grow when it comes to answering the longer essay questions. Seeing students getting top marks for these essays is super rewarding."

University: University of York

Degree: MSci Psychology

Subjects: Psychology


"I love economics because I find it fascinating how volatile financial markets can be and how macro and micro economic factors can influence decisions, large corporations as well as consumers."

University: University of Loughborough

Degree: BSc Economics

Subjects: Economics, Maths, Physics


"My favourite thing about tutoring economics is when students start to see how the content links to the news and current events (which is one of the reasons I decided to study economics). It is really exciting to see students engaging with the course and having those breakthroughs in their understanding."

University: University of Edinburgh

Degree: Economics

Subjects: Maths, Economics, Chemistry


"I love Up Learn as it’s the all in one revision platform that will help you achieve the grades you desire! It makes revision easy and fun whilst still being super effective!"

University: University of Oxford

Degree: Chemistry

Subjects: Chemistry, Maths, Physics


"My favourite part about tutoring at Up Learn is the appreciation the students have once you have coached them through how to get to an answer. It’s really rewarding to know how happy they are with the help!"

University: University of Oxford

Degree: Chemistry

Subjects: Chemistry, Maths, Physics


"I enjoy tutoring Biology, Psychology, and Chemistry because it's rewarding to ignite curiosity and see students unlock their academic potential in subjects that shape our understanding of life and humanity."

University: Imperial College of London

Degree: Medicine

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology


"My favourite thing about tutoring economics is seeing the students' knowledge and curiosity of the world grow."

University: University of Warwick

Degree: Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Subjects: Economics, Maths


"I believe Economics and Maths are two of the most important disciplines for understanding the world around us. I love tutoring these subjects because their benefits extend much further than the exam hall."

University: University of Bristol

Degree: MSc in Economics and Data Science

Subjects: Economics, Maths


"I enjoy sharing my passion for the scientific study of life while helping students gain a deeper understanding of these fascinating subjects."

University: Queen Mary University of London

Degree: MSc in Neuroscience and Translational Medicine

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry,


"Tutoring biology, chemistry and psychology allows me to tackle the intricate mysteries of life, molecules and the mind, one student at a time. It’s the joy of sharing my passion for these subjects and helping spark understanding which makes every shift truly rewarding."

University: Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Degree: MSc in Biomedical Science

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology


"My favourite thing about tutoring psychology is that I get to help students understand some really tricky concepts that they can use to achieve those A/A* grades!"

Universities: University of Exeter, University of Bath

Degrees: BSc Psychology, MSc Applied Clinical Psychology

Subjects: Economics, Psychology


"I always had so many questions about Physics and Maths throughout school and could rarely find the answers - it's great being able to give explanations to curious students now!"

University: University of Warwick

Degree: Physics

Subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Maths


"I love helping students understand how their subjects relate to the world around them!"

University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Degree: BA in Biology and Geography

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths

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