Up Learn is not an exam centre so we are not able to give UCAS references.

If you're writing your personal statement though, we do have a few top tips!

  • Check what your course at university includes (at your top 2 unis), and think of something from your A-level course that links with that. Then you could mention that as one of your favourite parts. Then the admissions tutor will see that you have a really genuine interest in the degree, not just that you enjoyed the A-level.

  • Be genuine - don't just pick a 'favourite' part because you think it sounds good. Think about what you actually did really enjoy, or that you excelled in. You could be asked about it in an interview so if you write something you do need to be knowledgeable about it.

  • As well as the 'sections' that you have enjoyed, consider the skills that the course has equipped you with, especially the skills that could be useful at university level. This shows that you appreciate the wider skills you have learned.

  • The key thing is to show enthusiasm for your A-level course, whilst also preparation for what you will experience at university.

  • We tend to advise students that they shouldn’t make claims without evidence, so for example if you say that you are excited about the university course, give an example of a module that interests you from the university website. Even better, then say why you feel equipped to do well in the module (ideally based on similar content from the A-level).

Keep it clear and succinct. Don’t repeat yourself or waffle - you have a limited amount of characters to fill.

Best of luck! 😄

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