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Making the most of Up Learn
What’s the best way to use Up Learn?
What’s the best way to use Up Learn?

Advice on how to use Up Learn, including XP and Up Score!

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What’s the best way to use Up Learn:

The ideal way to learn on Up Learn is to incorporate it into your study plan.

We recommend aiming for 30 minute study sessions with regular short breaks. Some students like to study in longer sessions, so it really depends on what works for you.

There is no set time it takes to complete the course - it all depends on how well you are progressing. We encourage students to spend 5-20hrs per week on Up Learn and develop a habit of consistently using the platform.

How should I work through the course?

The best way to get started on Up Learn is to scroll through the ‘Course Overview’ page to pick a topic you want to work on and complete your first lesson!

If you want to practice for a test/exam, or to understand where the gaps are in your knowledge use the following features:

  • Exam Technique Video Lessons

  • Exam How-Tos

  • Exam Practice by Topic

  • Exam Questions

  • Practice Exam Papers

If you want to quickly recap a topic or check your mastery in a topic, you can use the following features:

  • Summaries

  • Recall Practice

  • Strengthening Tool

  • Subsection Quizzes

  • Pre-video Quizzes

If you want to learn something from scratch, start by watching the detailed video lessons.

We measure effort using XP:

70XP translates to approximately 1 hour of active work on Up Learn. We recommend setting yourself a daily XP goal from day 1 to help you manage your time when studying; doing so will also allow you to avoid the AI memory decay and to maintain/increase your Up Score as you move through the course.

In addition to the course content, some of our courses include summary videos that are targeted towards students who are already familiar with all of the information. The videos are a great revision tool so we highly recommend going through them for an extra boost in confidence before an exam

We measure mastery using Up Score:

On the left hand side of the Course Overview Page, you will see Your Up Score which is represented by the % level - this shows you how much of the course you have mastered.

You want to be aiming for an Up Score of 90% or higher in each theme by the time of your exam - that’s when you’ll be A/A* ready 💪

The best ways to increase your Up Score are:

  • Regularly completing lessons

  • Getting quiz answers correct

  • Strengthening modules

  • Completing exam papers (this will make sure your Up Score increases beyond the 50-60% which is capped at if you haven’t attempted the exam papers in courses that have this option)

  • Redoing exam papers and getting better marks (your exam score is calculated using the average of the highest score on each paper you have attempted)

  • Getting 100% on Recall Practice

The AI is built in such a way to mimic memory decay when you don’t use the website regularly - this will make your Up Score decrease over time, so make sure you’re using the platform consistently to keep that Up Score going in the right direction.

What is Strengthening?

When you click into a topic, you will see a strengthening button at the top of the page. This button is to help you master a specific topic.

The AI assesses all the videos you’ve watched within this topic, the questions you have answered, and your confidence in them. Using this information you will be directed to the lesson that will most benefit your knowledge/learning.

You’ll need to strengthen any topic where the bar is still red, yellow or bordering on green. All your topics need to be close to fully green to get you to that 90% Up Score target.

If there are any unwatched lessons in the topic, or you got something wrong in a quiz, then the green bars will be less full. If you haven’t attempted a topic at all, there will be no green bars.

Please Note: Up Learn is optimised for use on Google Chrome and works best on a desktop computer or laptop. Please ensure you’re using the Google Chrome browser to have the best possible Up Learn experience.

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