The most effective way to use Up Learn is to click on ‘Begin Up Learn Session’ button at the top of the course overview page. The algorithm will take you through the course in a linear fashion until you’ve come to the end of the content at which point your weakest lessons will be reintroduced, until you’re achieving an A*/A across all topics.

The ideal way to learn on Up Learn is to set yourself a study plan. The recommended amount is doing 30 minutes at a time with regular short breaks in between. However, some students like to study for longer so it really depends what works for you.

There is also no set time it takes to complete the course - it all depends on how well you progress through it. Our students range from 5-20hrs per week on Up Learn - just ensure you are using us regularly and are keeping an eye on your ‘Up Intelligence Score’:

What is the Up Intelligence Score?

On your course overview dashboard on the right hand side, you will see your current level and a % score.

The % score informs you of how well you are mastering your subject and the level of course completion.  Your Up Score will decrease if you’re not consistent so here are ways to increase your % score:

  • Use Up Learn regularly

  • Complete lessons

  • Get quizzes answers correct

  • Strengthen modules

  • Complete exam papers

  • Redo exam papers and get better marks!

Your UpScore will also be capped at 50-60% signalling it’s time to move onto exam practice papers. Treat these as actual mocks and go through them in exam conditions, taking a break to mark them and note down weaker areas to prioritise afterwards. 

'Strengthening' just means going back into the relevant sections and redoing those lessons. You'll need to strengthen any topic where the bar is still red, yellow or bordering on green. All your topics need to be fully green or at least close to get to 90% (8-9 out of 10 bars on the strengthening scale).

Your % score will go down if you don't use Up Learn regularly, consistently make quiz errors, don't strengthen/revisit modules, don't attempt any exam papers or get low marks in them.

Please note that Up Learn is optimised for Google Chrome and works best on a desktop computer or laptop. Ensure that you're using the Google Chrome browser to have the best possible Up Learn experience.

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